Who I Am

I have been married over five years to my best friend in the entire world; he is the perfect complement to me and I couldn’t be luckier to have found such a great man. I am a mother of two adorable little boys. They are identical twins and are my life and my blood. A day doesn’t go by where I’m not insanely grateful for having been blessed with them. In this, I want to document my love for them, so that when my husband and I are long gone, they can show their children and their grandchildren what their lives were like when they were young. I also want to scrapbook more pages of my youth and my husband’s youth before they came into play. That way they can see that life really did exist before the two of them. I have made a dent into my album of my high school and college days. I also have an album for the vacations I took when I was younger, to Italy, Greece, New York and others. I also have a book for all the dogs I’ve had growing up.
My husband is my anchor, keeping me steady and holding my heart through my journey. Our lives together are an united front against everything we cannot control. He is handsome, smart, intensely sensitive, and most of all, loves me for every nuance, flaw, and endearing quality that I possess. Not to mention I fall in love with him again every day.
Scrapbooking became something I found interesting in 2004. Before then, I knew what it was, but I thought only grandmothers did it to preserve albums for their grand kids, in an attempt to connect themselves in the life thereafter. What can I say, I was barely an adult and incredibly naive. But I babysat my nephew from the age of 3 months to 3 years, and from that, a lot of pictures were taken. Most of the pictures were cutesy photos, him hugging three feet tall stuffed snowmen with his little naked butt for the world and future girlfriends to laugh at. Pictures of him helping me to decorate the house for Halloween and him wearing several of my hats. I wanted a way to document his young life while he was with me. So I scrapped late at night with my dog to keep me company. When my dog passed away, I couldn’t bring myself to scrap. So I didn’t create anything until I made Christmas cards for the first time in late 2007, and began a much loved passion for cards and gifts. When my kids started walking, I slowed down my paper crafting as it became much more difficult to do with little ones running about.
But now, I have found a balance. I have stayed busy creating even though my scrapping friends have moved. I have still stayed busy despite having two kids who are in school and I have to shuffle them back and forth. I have done all of this because I have the support and motivation from my wonderful husband who looks forward to seeing everything I make. Most of all, I adore making cards, and my must use supplies for cards are Stampin’ Up! I love their product.


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