Thirty by 30

When I was in high school, we had to do a list of thirty things we wanted to accomplish by age 30. I don’t have that list anymore but I’m sure I haven’t accomplished more than five of those items. Most of the list were places I wanted to go and live anyways. I had grandiose ideas of traveling that are still deep-rooted in me, but that will probably never occur. I call myself a rolling stone gathering moss. It describes my deepest desire to sell everything, buy a motor home and travel the US with my kids and husband.
Then I was reading a blog that the woman had forty things she wanted to do her fortieth year. I don’t know what number she was on, but she was zipping through her list.
Well, I’m going to be thirty in December and I want to do two different lists. The first is a “Thirty by 30” list and will be thirty things I need to accomplish in the next seven months. The second list is a “Thirty in 30.” This second list I’ll have a whole year so the items will be a little more involved. These two lists will be much more practical than when I made my first list at the age of 18. Plus, if the world does end in December, I’ll have at least accomplished some of these goals.
I have up the list now, detailing the thirty items I want to have accomplished in the next eight months. Wish me good luck because I’ll need it!

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