Getting tattooed in Vegas

My friends and I went to Vegas for a weekend and we all decided to get tattoos. Thankfully nothing cheesy like matching tattoos. We also were able to steal a beanie from a guy who was very protective of it. So we took ‘ransom’ photos of the beanie. Also, the sweatshirt I was wearing was ‘borrowed’ from a friend, so more ransom photos.

So yeah, lots of flowers. I don’t get a chance to use them on pages so I decided to go for it and put in flowers with lots of dimension. Every flower has at least three flowers on it and brads to secure them. I was out of glue dots and I didn’t know this, but Glue Dots make dots that are half an inch in diameter. So in love with the bigger size!
Tattoo: Flowers from Archiver’s, eyelets from Provo Craft, brads from Target Dollar Spot, eyelet border punch from Martha Stewart, all cardstock from Bazzill.

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