My Turtles

I used to have two teeny little Red-Ear Slider turtles. They were so cute and I miss them. I wasn’t giving them the time they needed so I donated them to an elementary school. They are now class pets that can’t run away as quickly as say a hamster!

Cardstock base is Bazzill, ribbon is from American Crafts. Word cut outs are from my Making Memories Slice Machine and the Big Kids card. I also added a little bling using my Stickles. My bottle of yellow Stickles exploded everywhere so I had to use a very small stylus to use it on the page.

The little circle door opens to a slightly blurry photo of my first turtle, which is why he is covered up by a door frame by the company Piggy Tales. I love those little frames.

I used a large die cut of a turtle and then used Stickles on it to mimic the colors of my turtles. The large red part on the neck is due to the signature red stripe on the turtle, hence the name!

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