Good Luck

For anyone who knows me, it’s painfully obvious of how uncoordinated I am. Which means that I literally have issues walking and chewing gum. I fall quite often, and have seriously twisted my ankle three times in the last six months; two of those times were within a month. When I was a little girl my parents tried absolutely every sport they could think of, hoping that I would be at least capable of playing. But no. Nothing. On the other hand, my brother can look at a sport and know instantly how to play it.

So when I was 18, we went to Vail, Colorado for Christmas. I wanted to learn how to ski, since if you live in Colorado, you really should know how to ski. We rented all the equipment, got to the top of the ski lift, got off the ski lift, and then I froze. I was extremely scared of skiing, of going down the hills, of falling into the snow. So even though I only stayed on the catwalks, it was still too scary. For anyone who hasn’t skied, the catwalks are basically what you use to hike up the mountain, only with snow. So my brother threw a giant fit when I wouldn’t ski. And I mean literally threw a fit, he threw himself to the ground and was hitting the snow, yelling about how the snow doesn’t hurt.

Cardstock is DCWV, mat for the large photo is actually from Sizzix, words were cut onto Bazzill using my Making Memories Slice and the Words & Expressions card. I used my real red ink to distress the edges of the large photo mat.

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