Making Pages

I’ve finally had some time to sit down and get some scrapbook pages done. I also took the pages out of my first album to put in a new album. The first was a strap hinge one and the pages weren’t true 12 by 12. That drove me bonkers.

So anyhow, here’s my album slightly altered. I got the color combo from Stampin Up’s color coach. I love this ribbon and have been looking for a good excuse to use it.
I’ll be posting a couple of pages a day, as I’ve been getting them done. I have all my photos for my boys ready to print, I’m now just waiting for them to arrive. I prepaid for photos and have to have them printed by May. That’s over 200 photos I have to have printed! So the shipping alone is going to be a large amount. I kept printing them and having them picked up at Target.

Here is my first page I ever scrapped. I love the use of random stickers. And of course the edge scissors that I’ve never been able to cut in a straight line! Also, the use of acid free construction paper rocks!!

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