Card Making, Scrapbooking

I am pretty darn mad

Like it says, I’m pretty ticked off at Making Memories right now.
Has anyone seen the new Elite machine?
A large reason of why I bought the Slice was the size and portability of it. I have a teeny scrap space and make mostly cards so I didn’t need the large cutting area that the Cricut or anything similar offers. It was a factor that thicker items couldn’t be cut but it obviously wasn’t a breaking point for me.
Now they come out with this Elite version. From the description at their site: “The new and improved SLICE™ Elite Cordless Design Cutter is more precise, cuts 40% faster, and cuts materials twice as deep.”
It just makes me mad that if I want to be able to have a more precise image on thicker paper or gasp! chipboard, I have to go out and fork over a large chunk of money. It’s not like they are making the Slice to cut larger images. The new changes seem like they can be added with deeper cutting blades and an upgrade. It makes me so upset and I don’t even want to support Making Memories at this point.
The Cricut is a perfect example. When the original machine came out, it only cut up to six inches across. Then the company came out with a new machine that cut a larger surface area. I’m sure there were people upset, but there was an actual upgrade that resulted in a completely different machine. This new Elite version is the exact same size and cuts the same size images. I’m sure it’s no different than buying a computer and six months later your similar computer has more memory, a larger hard drive and comes with a DVD burner. It just seems like the scrapbooking world should be a little more sheltered from technology.

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