Card Making


Above are a multitude of rocks that have been painted. A couple of them were painted using acrylic paints but the majority of them were colored using paint glue pens. I bought the pens at the dollar store and they are shiny when they dry.
I’m thrilled! While I haven’t been doing much crafting lately, I’ve been waiting for the arrival of three (yes three!) packages. I have a list of all the Making Memories Slice Design Cards and am always checking Ebay for good deals on them.
The prices usually stay in the thirty five to forty dollar area and I do not want to spend that much per card. Especially when the cards have been around for so long. i completely expect the new release cards to go for a higher price, but not cards that have been out for almost two years. So I got two cards for $12.50 each and one card for $13 which includes shipping on all of them. I got Spook Alley, Spellbound, and Words & Expressions Holiday. I love doing Halloween stuff so I can’t wait to have these.
I also purchased a new Stampin’ Up! stamp set on Ebay. The set is called Always In My Thoughts and I am so super excited to have come across it for the mere price of $10.51. A set that is slightly similar, Close As A Memory, is being discontinued this month. I wasn’t a huge fan of it since it is geared towards sympathy and loss. The Always set is much more universal as it includes sentiments for getting well and sorry as well. The Always set was discontinued before I knew about the cycle of when the notifications come out and the general time frames of how long accessories are kept in rotation. I especially learned it with the mini catalogs.

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