Home Decor

Treat Jar

I’ve had this jar for ages. I used to use it as a flour jar but since I stopped baking as many dessert options, I no longer had a need for the constant jar of flour on the kitchen counter. When we got our dog back in November, I started using the jar to hold dog treats.
The other day I was going through my scraps and had some cute pink paper that I never would have used again. So I decided to decorate the treat jar with the cute paper as our dog is a girl. Any excuse to use cute paper, right?!

The stickers are from Karen Foster Designs and the clear stickers are from a company that is no longer in business.

I did get a chance to use my Slice for this, even though it was only a scalloped circle. I admit it was only an excuse to try my new hands free kit for the cutter. It was wonderful!! I am so excited now that I don’t have to hold it. I always had to put so much pressure on it because I was afraid it would move, which was murder on my arthritis. It snazzes up the jar a bit, but I like it pretty simple since my kids are always getting it for the dog.

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