Boys’ Second Year Album

Well I finally decided that I can’t fit anymore pages into my boys’ scrapbook album. It’s a D-Ring Album and it’s packed to the brim. So I need to buy a new album to start on the the second and third year. I was doing really well with their album and was only a year behind but I haven’t made scrapbook pages for quite a while.
So I decided it was time to make a few new pages and try to shorten the gap in time. I really need to get to work on more pages so the stories about the photos aren’t forgotten.

Here is the page of my oldest. I love this picture of him and his brother in carts at Jo-Ann Fabrics. They would look right at the camera and loved to have their pictures taken. Now they are in a phase where they want to make all the their own decisions, so it’s a constant power struggle. But I do enjoy that they are developing their personalities and growing into their individuality.

These are more pictures of my oldest using the We-R-Memory Keepers page protectors. I absolutely love them and I can’t get enough. I bought a pack from that has a variety of different pockets. It was a great way to go so I can see which ones I like and which ones actually suit my style of scrapbooking.

Here is a page of my youngest, also at Jo-Ann Fabrics. These were before the terrible twos set in and when we could take them shopping and they would just be happy to be out. But they’ve never loved shopping, especially clothes shopping. The second they are surrounded by clothes, they are instantly irritated and will vocally tell you so. I keep telling my husband that they are obviously not mine because I adore shopping! But I didn’t start to like it until I was about fifteen or sixteen. My nephew is eight and he has always loved shopping. I swear the boy owns more shoes than I do!

And here’s another page using the divided page protector. I love that I can add more or less photos if I want. Being able to make the album look finished but not feel the need to make every single page is a huge stress relief. I used to feel so overwhelmed and intimidated by the idea of having to scrap so many photos and coming up with creative ways to scrap multiple photos on one page over and over.

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