Stampin’ Up! is wonderful

I had recently bought a few sets of stamps from Stampin’ Up!. I have been buying stamps from them for three years and have never had a single problem until now. When I was taking the backing off two of the stamps from a set, the foam pulled up and off. I’ve never had an issue and I tried adding adhesive but it didn’t help. I then tried another workaround of just using it as a rubber stamp but without the foam, it just didn’t work.
So I emailed my Stampin’ Up! representative late last night. She emailed me this morning that she would call Stampin’ Up! And as of three p.m. she let me know that Stampin’ Up! was shipping me a replacement without needing me to send in the ruined stamps.
I would say that I am so impressed with them and that I never thought it would be so easy to replace stamps. However, I can’t. I have always known that Stampin’ Up! was among the list of reputable, wonderful companies that treat their customers with care. Another company that is wonderful is Making Memories as they recently sent me another upgraded card to keep up with their changes on their Slice Machine.
In reading forum posts from one of my favorite scrapbooking websites,, I have read countless tales of people extremely disappointed with their experiences. And I have also read that negative press travels much farther than positive press. So I want to praise from the rooftops companies that deserve our business. I haven’t had experiences with other companies so I can’t comment about them. But I promise, whenever I have a positive experience with one, I will express how much I love and respect the company.

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