Super Quick Card

Today is my nieces birthday and I was planning on giving her a card from my stash of my cards. As I was looking for a card to give her, all the cards were more geared for adults, albeit feminine. Then I remembered when I was nine and how I didn’t care if my card was fancy with a lovely long poem that I was forced to read in front of all of my friends before getting to the actual point: the present.
So I decided to make her a card from scratch, one that was fun, bright, and something that she could enjoy and not spend too much time on. For a nine year old’s birthday party, the most important part isn’t the card, it’s the present, which is going to be a video game she’s looking forward to immensely! It’s Endless Ocean 2, and it’s going to be a total surprise for her to get. But I’m sure she’ll love her card just as much!

2 thoughts on “Super Quick Card”

    1. Thanks for the comment! I used the Making Memories Slice Machine. And the card used was the Basic Elements 3 Design Card.

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