Train Box

My two boys are majorly into trains, as I’ve mentioned previously. They have a big table in their room that they use for quite a few things but primarily for their train tracks. Their train tracks are a pain and my husband and I use a spare diaper box to throw the tracks in at night. So all their train stuff goes in the one ugly diaper box while all the other toys go into their toy box which used to be my toy box. I think it is a strawberry from the “Strawberry Shortcake” era, but it’s red and it looks like it could be a tomato, so it’s gender neutral.
Anyhow, the random diaper box is quite an eyesore. So with my altering kick, I decided to cover the box in brown paper. It is definitely nothing fancy yet and won’t be considering it will hold train tracks. However, I am planning on using my Making Memories Slice to cut out some shapes. I am thinking some stars from the basic card that comes with the machine. I might cut out some trains from the Big Kids card. I am definitely planning on cutting out letters from one of the two cards to spell out the words trains and choo-choo.

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