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First Altered Notebook

So I’ve been feeling the repetitive nature of scrapping lately. I usually stick to scrapping my boys’ albums or making cards. Or if I’m feeling particularly creative and there is a need, I’ll make something that is desired, such as a door sign. But I have never seen a need to create something “just for fun.” I see so many creative items such as treat jars or altered notebooks. I’ve never been able to understand why someone would need an altered notebook or more accurately what the functionality would be. They are usually so adorable but I have no idea how I would use them or even who I could give them to.
However, I finally discovered a reason to make them and who to give them to. Well, it was more like I realized who to give them to. I realized that my nieces might love to have notebooks that were personalized and decorated for them. So I know that my first notebook is going to be a little basic while I get comfortable making them.
Here is the finished product. I haven’t decided if I’m going to give the book to one of my nieces or my friend’s daughter who is incredibly close to the family. Both girls are in middle school, and I figure it’ll be bright and girly enough for either of them. Neither girl is a pink and sparkly kind of girl so that is why the notebook is blue.
A lot of the supplies used were items that I have had for a while, so long so that I no longer have the packaging so I cannot tell you who the manufacturer is. The brown cloud looking thing on front says smile, though the S isn’t showing up well in the photos. I didn’t use my Slice at all on this notebook but it if goes over well, I’ll be making more notebooks and will be using more products. The pink heart and green frog are quickutz dies. The frog die is one of my absolute fave dies and the heart is cut out of foam. The splats are from a Sizzix die and I went over them with a light purple inkpad to give it a little distinction so it didn’t blend into the background.
The flowers that are in the background are Stampin’ Up! stamps used with different shades of blue and green ink to add variety. It was fun to go back over them with the white pen for a little doodling effect. The same goes for the stars. I loved using the Martha Stewart punch, which provides the loop edging. I love that it isn’t extremely feminine or frilly. I’m not big on buying frilly looking supplies!
So there you have it. Pictures were taken before the Mod Podge was dried and after the Mod Podge dried. Some of pictures from each group came out nicer. So the pictures where the notebook looks warped is before the notebook was fully dried. The warping was extremely difficult for me as getting the paper to successfully adhere to the notebook surface let alone seal in with the paper above was a ginormous undertaking. So there you have it! Let me know what you think.

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