Card Making, Scrapbooking

It’s been a long break!

I haven’t created anything since before the new year. I have had such horrible scrapper’s block that I can’t even go into my scrap area without feeling the block come over me. It has spilled over into my writing, my desire to read a book, and even my desire to try new toddler activities with my boys. It took me forever to get the desire to even potty train the twins.
And these two cards are the sole culprit of my block. They are what started my block so that I wasn’t able to create anything.
I tried creating them so that I could create quick little cards that were not only quick to create but that also used up some of my old die cuts from when I first started scrapbooking. I figured that I could try out the style I see so many people doing where they line up embellishments in a row. So I dragged these out, thinking that if they looked halfway decent, I could try them with more recent embellishments for a more updated look.
The card on the left is super plain for me, begging for some sizzle. But since it’s so boring and caused such a block, I don’t know if I should even work on the card. I fear that if I work on it, it might send me back into my funk. Not to mention, I don’t know what would bring the card to life! I don’t want to put glitter on them, even Stickles, so that does restrict me quite a bit.
The card on the right is a teensy weensy bit more involved with the two ovals on the bottom as I was going to add a sentiment in those two ovals. But of course, as soon as I finished gluing things down and looked at the card; I didn’t like what I saw so I stopped working on both of them. My intentions were to put inserts of vanilla cardstock in both cards for liners and then put them in a package for shipment for soldiers overseas. So that just makes me even more upset that I’m that far behind on contributing.

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