Creating Keepsakes- January Edition

I have had the January issue of Creating Keepsakes for a while now. I went quickly through it to see if anything caught my eye, which it didn’t, and today I went back through it thoroughly. I have to say, I’m quite glad that this is my last issue of the magazine and won’t be renewing my subscription. While I absolutely love having a magazine come every month with wonderful supplies that have great pictures and layouts that are done in special lighting that you can look up close at, I won’t miss this subscription for one moment.
The magazine brought some new changes, mixing it up with different articles as both the founder Lisa Bearnson and my favorite Becky Higgins left. Lisa also is stepping down from her QVC duties, which from watching her on the segments, it seems like she was more than happy to leave. I always found her to be a little off-putting after watching her throughout the years, as though she didn’t like being on QVC or having to talk to the customers calling in. Now that she will not be hosting the events anymore, I wonder if there will be daylong events as in previous years. Becky Higgins’ departure is quite sad to me since I always loved her column and her sketches. She was one of the few contributors that I cared to read time after time.
Going through the magazine, I was very displeased with the new column “Scrappetizers.” The concept seems decent enough but after looking through it, the information is tired and repetitive. For example, there is a part titled ‘economic ideas made easy.’ The tips are to (hold your breath) 1. Use your scraps and 2. Swap supplies. Who hasn’t heard that recommendation a thousand times??? I don’t mean to sound harsh, but that is incredibly outdated and not worth the money it costs to print the magazine. Creating Keepsakes goes through a process to find a supposed dream team every year and that’s all they can come up with?
The letters to the Editor portion was nothing more than a waste of a page. Other magazines are brave enough to print both positive and negative letters, addressing both. If you need to fill up four inches of a page, as they view it with newspapers, why not put a picture of a layout instead? Another small point was this month’s CK font find for $7.95. The price of the font made me laugh, as it was more than the retail value of the magazine! I couldn’t imagine spending eight dollars on a font, and it would have been nice to see that subscribers and readers to get a discount to purchase or any type of incentive to pay that exorbitant of a price for a single font.

I enjoyed the four by six photo column titled ‘fast pages with 4”x6” photos’ and the title ideas from the seasonal solution article ‘the inside story.’ Including the heat gun review was a nice new addition although I would have liked to see which of those options were voted number one from readers. I also enjoyed the ‘journaling solutions’ and ‘4 bonus techniques’ columns, which were only a single page each. Finally, I enjoyed the ’15 minute layout’ on the last page of the magazine. It too was only a single page.

The rest of the magazine was so boring, so repetitive, so tired that it isn’t even worth critiquing. Everything seems as though I’ve seen it before. I was clearing out my old magazines and couldn’t tell the difference between the January issue from this year and the last year. And I have no desire to go through new magazines with the same information that I have backlogged from previous magazines.

1 thought on “Creating Keepsakes- January Edition”

  1. I’m so glad that you wrote this review! Out of sheer curiosity, I was considering starting a new subscription this month!

    The part in your write-up that spoke to me, is the part about the positive/negative column/page. I completely agree. Not having seen it, but just hearing about it, sounds like a complete waste of space & completely not worth the time!

    Perhaps they forgot to include that in their list of survival tips for this day & time…Step 10, when trying to save money in these especially tough times, be sure to only put your money in neccessary purchases (including magazine subscriptions!) Know what I mean! :/

    Tip – If your not already doing so, be sure to follow Ali E & BeckyH at not only their website blogs, but each can also be followed over on Facebook!

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