Craft Stores

I don’t know how many other people received gift cards for Christmas gifts. I received a couple. My parents have given all of us kids Visa gift cards for the last five years or so which is just beyond wonderful.

Well my husband and I made the mistake of going out the day after Christmas to do a little shopping. He wanted to go to Best Buy to return a movie that he got. Thankfully we went late in the afternoon and the store was not busy at all. After that we went to Target and it wasn’t busy either. After that, the twins passed out in the card, so while they slept, my husband dropped me off at Archiver’s so I could spend a little of the gift card.

I have been hearing some rumblings on message boards of Archiver’s customer service severely dropping lately. I am not a particularly outspoken person so the super chatty salespeople make me feel like they are watching me to make sure I’m not stealing. I wanted to restock on my 8 1/2 by 11 paper since I had cleared out my thin paper collection and used a decent amount on cards this season. I also bought a few other things but not much. It felt that they had raised the prices. That and I remember getting emails about their great clearance sales after Christmas. When I went in, the only items on clearance at my store were Halloween items and it was only one small table. I thought that was a little misleading.

When I went to check out, my purchase was less than thirty dollars. The gift card is pre printed gift card. The woman didn’t want to take the card because she was hesitant that there wouldn’t be enough on the card. That made me incredibly upset. If there wasn’t enough on the gift card, it would be denied. If it had been a regular credit card it would be denied if there wasn’t enough on it either. It isn’t her business to find out how much is on the card, she should just run the card like it is a Visa card. Combine that with the lack of welcoming me into the store despite me being the only person in the store part at six o’clock on a Saturday evening, and I have to say that the customer service has severely decreased.

Couple that with my horrible experience at Michael’s and I am very close to giving up on craft stores all together. Not only because of the customer service but also because of the rising prices. I am just at the point where I will not buy items anymore unless I have a coupon or the item is significantly on sale. I have become a huge fan of shopping online through or through ebay. But with online sites, you really have to do research to make sure you are buying items for a good price and aren’t buying items for too high of a price.

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