Card Making

That time of year

The joy of this craft is that no matter the season or holiday, us crafters can have a reason to make two hundred items or one item. We can get just as excited over “Talk Like a Pirate Day” as we can over Christmas or Easter or Passover. Scrapbooking and paper crafting goes beyond the boundaries of religion or nationally recognized holidays or even school events. That being said, I have been pretty successful in avoiding any craft store this holiday season since my primary shopping was done before Black Friday and then I ordered my pink Making Memories Slice online from So that, along with two slice cartridges bought from Ebay, I have been able to completely sidestep any big retail store except one journey to a Target which was at a prime time with no big crowds. It’s been a great, low stress holiday. However, all good things come to an end.
My embossing gun gave out on me last week in the middle of making embellishments for cards. I have had the gun since 2005 and it broke. That seems a little iffy to me but it is what it is. It is Hobby Lobby’s own, the Paper Studio Brand. It was burning my paper instantly and not melting my embossing powder. It was obnoxious. That’s where the store portion comes into play I’m afraid.
My husband had bought me a gift card to Michael’s for my birthday. I had planned on using it after the holidays when the crowds stopped shopping like crazy. Unfortunately, I had to use the card a little early to get the embossing gun since I not only have cards that need to get sent out for a troop overseas but I’m making a couple of sets of cards for Christmas gifts, as shown in previous posts.
So I made the trek to Michaels, thinking that if I went during when the football game was playing, there would be less people. Here in Denver, there is a SIGNIFICANT drop in shoppers when football games are on. The store was busy, but it wasn’t bad and there was a nice selection. I got a few stocking stuffers for my boys even which I’m very excited about. I despise that Michael’s never has any sales staff on the floor. And when they are on the floor, they are so busy unloading merchandise and talking to each other that they don’t ask customers if they need help. I know my way around the store pretty well and I don’t find myself needing help too often. As someone who worked over ten years in retail, I am always annoyed that Michael’s has employees focus on putting merchandise away while on the floor and not being there for customers.
Checking out is when I wanted to cash out my gift card and never set a single foot inside a Michael’s store ever again as long as I live. The cashier was the rudest girl I’ve ever dealt with at a Michael’s. She didn’t say her mandatory Hi, how are you. She ordered me around, barking at me to give my zip code. When I swiped my gift card like she demanded and it didn’t go through because she didn’t hit her special button, she didn’t apologize. Rather, she ordered me to swipe it again instead of asking. She literally threw my items into my bag, cracking one of my items. When she gave me my receipt, rather than a mandatory thank you, I got a ‘here.’ I am in no way a person who expects that those in retail be robots and act artificially happy. I do however expect that at the very minimum, no matter what is going on in someone’s personal life, that in his or her position, a hello, please & thank you, and finally ‘have a nice day’ are the bare minimums. In an office environment where I am calling brokers on a daily basis, I have to put my personal life to the side. I expect any other person to do the same.
After that, I had to go over to Jo-Ann Fabrics where it was a breath of fresh air. The employees were nice, they smiled and they didn’t seem mad to be working. After that, it was good to come home where I was able to put away the embossing gun so I can use it tomorrow while my boys nap. I really need to be done with the card set for the troops tomorrow so I can finish with the card sets for my mother and sister-in-law on Tuesday. Not that I’m a procrastinator or anything. That would give me all of Wednesday and Thursday, way ahead of the game.

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