Recent Crop

I went to a crop last Saturday. The business is a newer business, just starting out and trying to get a following. It was only the owner and myself for a good three hours. And then the co-owner who is a Stampin’ Up! representative came over so then it was the three of us. I was supposed to stay until eleven but I left at seven. The Stampin’ Up! rep, Ann, was making a project and was having issues with an aspect of it. She asked my opinion and the idea that I gave her she loved so much she ended up using it for the project.
It makes me think of what I would do if I were to start up my own business. It’s difficult because there are so many good ideas to make a small scrapbooking place successful, especially if you aren’t selling items. I think the hardest part is getting the capital money in order to rent out the store and even harder is actually drumming up the business. Especially in this economy. It’s so hard to get people to spend money on a crop so that you are in the positive each month. And then if you were to include a rep for a company such as Stampin’ Up! or Close to My Heart, then you have to worry about their minimums for their demonstration evenings.
Do you know anyone that does a small business like the crop that I go to? What do you find that they do right? Do you have good ideas but have no idea how to turn them into actual business plans? If you do go to a small business like the one I go to, do you ever feel like you could come up with great ideas to improve the business?

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