Home Decor

Making the centerpiece better

Okay, so after I uploaded my pictures of the tins I made, I hated the first one I did! It looked like a six year old had made it. So I added a couple more fall sayings, two little pumpkins, and two flowers with brown button centers. I’m out of linen thread from Stampin’ Up! and buying just thread from there with the outrageous shipping and taxes isn’t going to happen. It would cost more to send it than the thread is worth. So no linen thread on the buttons. But I did do ribbon on the handle, which is new for me. I liked the way it turned out, especially since I only did a few pieces on either side.
Now seeing the new one makes me want to update the second one as well. I’m thinking I’ll add ribbon to the second one as well and maybe a few flowers in different colors. I wish I had sunflowers to add; that would give it a cute look. Alas!

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