Bipolar impact on my job and personal life

With my hiatus I haven’t really given any updates on how I’m doing. Things have been extremely stressful. I took two months off of work to try and find a suitable cocktail of drugs that would help me stabilize. No such luck but I did start to work from home. It was nice being so close to my family but the stress of the job was just more than I can handle. My doctor now has me filing for long-term disability through my job and if I get approved then I’ll be finding a lawyer in order to apply for disability through the SSA. The good news is that most days I’m okay with being alone with the boys. But since last week I’ve noticed that I’m in the middle of an episode so I need to help myself stop the cycle.
On I found a group that does weekly meetings for people with Bipolar. I’ve only gone to one meeting but I will definitely be going to more. But I’ve had some really awesome days. One weekend we went up for a drive through the mountains to see the leaves changing colors. That was gorgeous. We took off one side of the boys’ cribs to see how they would do with a “toddler” bed and they transitioned insanely easy. Although, one morning when I went to go get them, they had climbed onto the dresser to procure the bottle of baby powder, which they thoroughly enjoyed spreading all around their room. But their room smelled good for a couple days and they smelled like baby powder all day till their bath that night.
Finally, there was the snowstorm last week that dumped around ten inches in our area, with areas a little south getting two feet. And that is the plains of Colorado, so the mountains and the Ski Resorts are very happy with the snow. My husband and I took our boys out to let them play. They never got a chance last year and they were just too little. So this was their first real time and they had such a great time. They threw snowballs, made a very pathetic looking snowman, and went sledding down a hill that was seven feet high. Our wonderful neighbor had bought the sleds for him and his son and said we could use them anytime we wanted. It is so nice to have neighbors that are so friendly.
But now that the snow is practically melted, and I stopped working middle of last week, I will now be dedicating time every day to creating something. I have a lot to do in order to get things made within the next two or three weeks. Which puts things right around New Moon’s release and Black Friday the week after. Man oh man! I can’t wait.

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