Clearing out the dust bunnies

It’s been a very long hiatus since I have blogged. But thankfully I have still been doing my scrapping and whatnot. So here is a little recap of what I’ve been up to. I went to a crop at Archiver’s last month. They were doing a “scrapping bingo” and there were a lot of options. There were items such as making two layouts, making six layouts, using ribbon, using eyelets, cut a picture into a circle, etcetera etcetera… It was a lot of fun and I did about twelve pages in the afternoon and evening. That’s a ton for me since I usually only do four or five in an eight-hour setting. What’s pictured are the regular pages. I also have the pages that I use from We-R-Memory Keepers for picture inserts.

I also found a new meet up group on that does crops closer to where I live. I would really love to get a group to meet there since it is so much closer. I will have to use to maybe try and recruit a few people from my area. It would be nice to go to a crop consistently since scrapping with a group at my place is hard since it is so small. Wish me luck finding some local gals to meet up with. Also, if you’re in the Denver area, let me know and we can coordinate a crop. I also made some cute football cookies for when the Broncos played the Bears in the pre-season game. Next week the Broncos play the Steelers for Monday night so I’m going to cook up my favorite meal. I make a delicious pumpkin chili. I’ll also make more football cookies.

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