Stampin’ Up! Mini Catalog

When my husband came home from work, he told me he had a Stampin’ Up! catalog. At first, I thought he was trying to tease me, since he knows I can’t pass up anything related to Stampin’ Up! So I was very guarded when I asked if he was serious. He said that it had come in the mail but he left it in the car. I was so excited that I made him run out right then and there, no shoes and all to get me my mini-catalog. Bless my demonstrator’s heart for mailing it to me. My heart filled with giddiness as I opened it and devoured it, avoiding anything and everything for the ten minutes it took to go over it for the first time.
Then, after that initial wave of joy washed over me and the world came back into focus around me, I looked over the forty pages three more times. There are quite a few things I want and a few items that piqued my interest. The item that most piqued my interest is the digital scrapping software. They were one of the last catalog companies that hadn’t done any digital items. I really hope that items that are created for their digital items are items that are also available in a traditional format.
I want any items from Stampin’ Up! and really from any other company to be equally available in traditional and digital formats. I feel that if you make items available in one format over the other, you isolate buyers. I know that if a company started highlighting digital over traditional, I would feel like the company no longer cared about traditional scrappers and would spend my money elsewhere.
Besides that, I was excited to see that Stampin’ Up! had an ornament punch. I really want it for my holiday cards, there are just so many options for cards and scrapbook pages. There is also some new ribbon that is gorgeous, and some fall patterned paper that is just absolutely adorable. As for the stamps, there were three sets that are at the top of my list, two of them being roller stamps.
I have included pictures of what I can’t wait for. All pictures are from Stampin’ Up!’s website.

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