Creating Keepsakes

So a few days ago I got my October issue of Creating Keepsakes. Usually I go through a few pages a day, marking the layouts I like. One article bothered me, and I would be curious to know if I was the only one. The article was about the best adhesive. The article said that CK had “set up an adhesive lab, testing and trying out all kinds of adhesives to simplify the decision-making process for you. The results in the top 10 categories are here to save you time and help you create your pages with ease.” Then the categories are broken up into ten categories which I found to be a waste of time. There was also an online quick-poll of the top five. And that’s where the interesting part came in. There were only five choices, even though it was for the TOP TEN edition and there were ten categories. And of the top five (which there were really six since the fifth was a tie between two), three of them weren’t mentioned at all. Now, I know that some forums are pretty harsh on a few of the full time contributors. I myself don’t even give a second glance to who creates what so I don’t have an opinion about anyone in particular. I find it incredibly hard to believe that online voters would vote three products as their ‘go-to’ adhesive and yet Creating Keepsakes wouldn’t even think they were worth mentioning? That doesn’t sound right to me. I understand that they have products they are enticed to push forward. But doesn’t that seem wrong to push products that may not necessarily be the best choice when claiming to do the research so we didn’t have to?
However, on a cute side… As I was reading through it, I drifted off into a nap. I hadn’t slept well last night and since my husband was home, I figured if my eyelids closed, Armageddon wouldn’t happen while I took a little power nap. My youngest crawled into my lap, took my magazine and snuggled and read the magazine. Now, he wasn’t really reading. He’s only two and a half and doesn’t speak in full words, let alone full sentences or reads. But he still loves to go through anything with letters and read the letters he sees. He knows all his letters and can say them, with the exception of F, G, H, J, and X. My oldest is getting there, but he’s much more of a perfectionist and will only say letters that he knows he can do perfectly. It truly shows their personality.
Although, I digress. So my youngest snuggled and leafed through Creating Keepsakes, and I am glad he didn’t tear any of the pages. This is the second month of the magazine, that I have noticed, that there aren’t ten pages of advertisements at the end. Sure, it’s now ten pages lighter, but I love it! I love feeling like I actually went through a magazine instead of just a few pages. It was getting to the point that I didn’t see a reason to even look through the magazine. But I suppose, and I wonder if I’m the only one, that since the demise of two of the major competitor’s shutting the doors on the magazine made them revamp things. Which I am incredibly happy about. One of my favorite, favorite, favorite magazines is Cards. Sure, it’s twenty dollars an issue in stores. Sure, it’s a one hundred dollar subscription for one year. But it’s such nice quality, it doesn’t feel at all like a magazine, and best of all, there are hardly any advertisements. I would rather have you sell me things if you are actually putting them to use, not just telling me they work. As is obvious in my hesitation to trust Creating Keepsakes at all.

1 thought on “Creating Keepsakes”

  1. hi Kendra,

    Sorry that the adhesives article wasn’t to your liking. We’d love your ideas for how to improve the article if we do it in the future – how could we better show you how to use them (as you said you prefer in Cards magazine) rather than telling you about them? We’re always trying to improve and meet our readers’ needs, so feel free to email suggestions to anytime.

    Thanks for reading,
    Jennafer Martin
    Creating Keepsakes magazine

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