Impromptu Crop

So going back to work is still a challenge that I don’t want to face. I hate feeling like an office drone. And my employer makes it easy to feel like you can’t grow as a person. I need a job doing crafts. I need to expand my creative drive and doing data entry is not creative. I’m hoping that within the next year and a half that I’m able to go down to part time at my job and get a part time job working somewhere that will utilize my craftiness.
Since I didn’t go to work, and I didn’t want to go home, I went to Archiver’s and took advantage of their work room. I had a few pages that needed to be done and I wanted an excuse to wander around Archiver’s and take as long as I want! Which, I did. I wandered up and down each aisle and was inspired by all the fun stuff that they have. I had two coupons, one for 30% off a single item and one that if you purchased two hot spot items, you got two free. Usually, I don’t go for the hot spot items because some of their items you can get for cheaper. Almost all of their Studio G stamps are available at either Jo-Ann Fabric or Michael’s for one dollar instead of two. But I did get some positively adorable pins that are Christmas themed, some regular buttons and Christmas buttons, and then some Bazzill paper blocks. I also bought the Gel-a-tins Scented Embossing Powder in

    Can’t Catch Me Gingerbread.

It was only $1.48 and I can’t pass up on that good of a deal. With my 30% off coupon I made my most rational purchase and bought monthly stamps for my calendars. It is so much cheaper than using stickers or rub-ons. Especially if you plan to make multiple calendars.
As far as creating anything goes. I made the two pages shown below. I wanted to scrap the boys’ first Christmas for their album. I only have to make pages for the months of November and February, which is their birthday month and since it’s the eighth, I won’t be doing actual pages for the month in that album. For their album, I have decided to do joint books for each year of their lives up until they go to Kindergarten. Then when they will start to have different interests and activities, then I’ll make two different albums. The nice thing about the album so far for their first year is that for each month, I did two pages on each child. So when they get all big and grown up, separating the albums will be easier. Until then, I don’t see the point in having so many albums spread all out.

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