Crafting back in session

All of last week I didn’t create anything. I wasn’t up to it. My husband went to California for three days which meant I had to be alone with the boys… All weekend. I’ve never been alone with them for more than ten hours. So to be all alone with them for three days was a huge huge deal. Especially with my panic and anxiety attacks. I haven’t done so well taking charge and being independent. So it was a great test for me. My husband’s mother said she’d come over and help any time that was needed. I just didn’t need her. And boy does that make me feel like I can handle my bipolar and start to make progress.
It was a very challenging weekend. Friday, my oldest son developed a horrible, truly awful diaper rash. Both of the boys have been a little red but they cleared up within a couple of hours. So I’m not used to either one of them having such a bad diaper rash. My poor son was in so much pain. He was walking with his legs all out because of his butt hurting. And his pain was so horrible he was screaming and his whole body would tense up and lock in that pain. And my boys aren’t very affected by pain, which made it all the worse. Sunday morning he was in so much pain, I couldn’t even touch his poor little behind. So I had to start a shower and hold him very awkwardly and scoop water onto him. He didn’t want the shower spraying him because he would freak out from it. Even the front of him was bad. The rash was his whole butt, his whole front area, all the way up to just below his belly button.
I tried to keep him naked most of Saturday, which worked well for the most part. When he did pee, he did it at our front door, which is the only area that has easy to clean hardwood floors. It was like he was a puppy! Sunday however he didn’t want his diaper to be taken off because he was afraid it would hurt to take off. The rash was all raised, and splotchy all over. I thought it was a yeast diaper rash but thankfully it wasn’t. If he hadn’t felt better by Monday, I wouldn’t have hesitated to take him to the doctor. A friend of mine had to take her son to the hospital the rash was so bad. He got these huge blisters on his little tookus that a nurse had to pop. I won’t go into detail, it was horrid.
So that’s why I didn’t do any crafts this past week. I usually find a calming type of therapy from scrapping and feel like I’m making a contribution by people seeing what I’ve done. But the past week, I’ve been taking charge at home and have taken joy in being a dedicated mom. But thankfully now that my husband is home and is getting into the new groove of his job, I can go back to finding that balance between being an involved mom and doing what I like best: creating.

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