Friday’s Crop

Well Friday night was my crop. It was with the company It was a lot of fun. It took forever to get there as it was clear across town and started at five on a Friday afternoon. The three that ran the crop said that next month they would be doing it on a Sunday. I’m excited to go again. There were two ladies that ran the show and then a man who was in charge of the finances and apparently is responsible for creating the website. His wife is pregnant with identical twin boys, so we definitely had something in common. Two two ladies, Penny and Heather, were great. They came around to all the tables, got to know each one of us individually, and took the time to care about what everyone was creating. I’m definitely not used to that since the staff at Archiver’s is usually a tad too busy for that personalized service. I think that’s one of the big reasons I can’t wait to go back. It was rather refreshing to feel a part of a group, rather than just a person attending a crop. That and the other women that were there to attend the crop were also incredibly nice. They were the perfect blend of talkative but not annoying. Also, they had paper from manufacturers and the prices were phenomenal. I only brought three dollars intentionally so I couldn’t be enticed to spend anything. But the items they had were super cool, and so competitively priced that next month will be a different story. But shush! My husband doesn’t need to know that. The owners had put together different kits, and they had made things with the kits that they were advertising. It was great to see the cool stuff they made and be able to touch it and see how well it was done. It made you feel empowered that you could actually do it and it’s not some “celebrity scrapbooker” with nothing to do except make beautiful things. Both women owners there had children, jobs, busy lives. It was sure inspiring.
I had packed everything except the kitchen sink. The kitchen sink being the photos for one of my sons. So I couldn’t do a layout of one of them, which really threw off my groove. But I moved on to the next month, and there were over 25 photos for one month. So I had to get really creative with putting all the photos on the pages. I did something I haven’t done in ages and I cut out my son from the picture to remove the distracting background. That also helped to tone down the amount of pictures. But since I had to cut out practically every one of the twenty-five photos, it took a lot of time. So long that I only got December and January done. And to be fair, December isn’t totally completed. I have separate photos for their first Christmas and of course I didn’t bring any embellishments to make a proper Christmas layout.
So in six hours time, I only made eight pages, which isn’t really in my projected time frame. Either that or I just move slow and really really need to do a weekend crop. It would be fabulous to have three days, completely uninterrupted by daily life, to get caught up on scrapbooking and get to know the other women at the crop in such a group setting. But my biggest deterrent time after time is the cost involved with the weekend retreat. On the one hand, I understand the cost from the perspective of the owner of the bed and breakfast, having to have more meals for everyone than regular guests, and having the times where everyone is awake and participating being significantly higher. But the consumer side of me that is struggling like so many others to justify our purchases, it seems so high. I’d rather get a cheap rate, and just go in with the group on ordering pizza, going potluck style on all the snacks and drinks, and work as a team to clean everything up every night. Who knows, maybe it could be in the works?!

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