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Crop tonight

Yesterday I finished my new items for selling on Etsy. I had the goal of finishing them by Friday and I finished them a day early, so that was awesome.
Last night, my husband had his brother and sister over to watch Ghostbusters on Blu-Ray.It was a gift for his birthday and he wanted to watch it with his siblings since they all loved the movie. So they all watched it and I planned on making some more items to sell. But alas, I didn’t make anything. My husband came in to check on me and asked me if there was anything I could make that would we be able to send on a higher end price range. I told him that we should wait to see how the current items sell first. He then asked if I could use higher priced items to make things or if all my items were the same “cheap crap.” Oh was I mad! I can’t believe he called my supplies “cheap crap” when he always gets so mad when I buy things since I usually spend over my budget. He then backtracked trying to dig himself out of the hole he was in. So that threw me off and really deflated my creative thinking.
Since he destroyed my creative thought process, I needed to get some inspiration. And where is the first place I go when I need inspiration? I head over to http://www.scrapbook.com for their immense gallery. But alas, I couldn’t locate anything to get my mojo going again. So I decided to check out a few of the threads in the forum and then headed back to http://www.facebook.com to get sucked in to their games. I play Vampire Wars, Farm Town, and Yo Ville. But at around ten, I started to doze off. And by 10:30, I was curled up in bed, asleep. Thankfully I was very productive during the day to make up for my giant lack of creations in the evening.
And today I wasn’t feeling very well so I haven’t made anything. But I do have to start packing up my totes for the crop tonight. As I’ve mentioned before, I joined a group on http://www.meetup.com that does crops once a month. A woman that I met through scrapbook.com mentioned that it was a wonderful place to go with incredibly nice women, great food, and that the prices at the store were incredible. So I’m very excited to go. I have enough pictures of my boys’ first year to get through five months worth of layouts. For their first year, I have been doing month by month layouts starting from when my husband and I found out we were having a child. It would be wonderful to get through the rest of their first year, but we’ll see. I might be distracted since the store is new and I haven’t wandered through their aisles. I’ll most likely include a review of them in my next post, for anyone in the Denver Metro Area who would want to go.

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