Time Travellers Wife

Tonight my husband and I got sneak preview passes to go and see The Time Travellers Wife starring Eric Bana. We were very excited to go. My husband is in to chick flicks (because he is amazing) and we both wanted to see it when it came out.
First off, my mother and father were supposed to watch the boys. I had asked them two weeks ago if they were able to do it. And I tried calling them beginning at nine this morning to remind them. My father is retired so his schedule is usually wide open. However, he hates where we live, because it’s not where he would have chosen. Getting him to come over is a huge ordeal. The last time either one of my parents watched the boys was New years Eve. That’s over seven months. So it’s not like we take advantage of his time. When he came over, he was visibly angry and went out of his way to inform me that he was mad that he had to watch the boys when I didn’t remind him yesterday. Our evening got off to a bad start to say the least.
But once we were out the door, we let it go and tried to enjoy ourselves as we had never gotten an opportunity to do something like this. So we got to the theater and there was a line stretched out about sixty people long. And the weather was gorgeous, close to ninety. So we had to stand in line from 5:40 until the line started moving at 6:45. Thankfully it was a quick hour! I couldn’t imagine how long the people had been waiting at the front of the line. But they were prepared, having their own stools and chairs. When we got in, they stamped our hands, checked our purses and went over is with a medal detector wand. It was definitely something new for me! I couldn’t figure out why we were being checked, but then it hit us that they were checking for video cameras.
The movie was good, although my standards for movies are pretty basic. I don’t mind clichés. I don’t mind predictability. I don’t mind a sappy script that sets up scenes to encourage emotion. For me, that’s what a movie is supposed to do. A movie should make me forget that there is an actor, and instead see the character. In my opinion, a good movie should make me feel something. It should touch me and it should make me feel either sympathy or empathy for that character, whether or not I can relate. I like to have a brief synopsis of the film before I go so that I know what to expect. With certain genres, there are certain formulas that are going to take place and that’s fine. I just need to know what type of film I’ll be seeing. You don’t go into a romantic comedy expecting intricate plot lines and social commentary. And you don’t go into an action movie with a thing of tissues prepared to have your heart strings tugged. Unless you get emotional if your favorite model of car gets blown to pieces.
In my opinion, and only in my opinion, people are to quick to be negative. It is far easier to tear something or someone down than to find the good and the positive. So the movie was what I expected. I expected Rachel McAdams to be beautiful and passionate. I expected Eric Bana to be wise and sweet yet rough around the edges at the same time. I expected to have my heart strings tugged at and I expected it to end as any movie in this genre to end: sad but hopeful at the same time. Because that hopefulness is what people need to see. So I recommend seeing it if you want to enjoy a movie that is funny yet sad at the same time.
Oh and ps- when my husband and I got home, my father had left before I even had time to take my shoes off. Literally. And I was wearing flip flops. And that is nothing but the truth.

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