Home Decor Ideas

Today was a day to be creative and come up with something fun to make. I searched through some different idea books and found a couple of different ideas. With that and looking through my Stampin’ Up! stamps, I came up with an idea that seemed really fun. So I began making it. I made three popcorn pails that will make great gifts. But after the three, I was out of pails. This began an exhaustive search for more.

I went to Target since that’s where the pails were originally at. They are in the dollar section (or whatever it is called) but as that the section is, items move very quickly. So as my personal recommendation after the debacle I faced today, if you find something there you like, buy as many as you will possibly need. Today, I ended up going to three Target stores, and none of them had the pails. So I headed home and called four more Targets. The fourth Target finally had the pails so I had them put away ten pails for me and headed there at nine o’ clock.

The good thing is that I now have plenty of pails to make all sorts of items. I am so excited that I was able to find them. Now all I have to find are craft dowels besides online to make chipboard flowers and other creations for use with my wonderful pails.

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