Scrap Space

I am so excited. Today was a very productive day. I cleaned out my scrap room. My good friend lives in a small apartment so she has never had any space to store her scrapbooking supplies. That and she never scraps alone so having all her stuff at my place was more convenient. Every Saturday evening, we’d get together and do our scrapping. But a few months ago, her husband went into the Army and is now done with basic training. They were hoping to be stationed here in Colorado where all of their friends were. But he is being stationed overseas and she leaves next week.

So since she is leaving, I put all of her stuff in the one bag that she had and donated one of my earlier scrapping bags for the majority of her paper, stamps, ribbon, and inks. All of the stuff had been badly organized in a couple of the plastic Sterilite drawers. So to make less stress for her since she already has to pack up the place to move within the next week. So I was able to organize all of her paper, her die cuts, alphas, pictures, and pens.

And since I won’t have my Saturday night cropping pal, this has finally gotten me to expand my cropping circle and meet new people. Before it was sure she was moving, I had only scrapped with her and four or five times I’ve scrapped with a friend from work. With my friend from work, there was a group of ladies that would meet once a month. The youngest person besides me is 39 years old, which is 13 years older than me. I was hoping to expand my scrapping circle to include an assortment of people of varying ages.

So since I have already established a cropping group at my friend’s house once a month, I went to and found people in my area. We met a couple of weeks ago at an Archiver’s that was convenient for everyone. Two of us got there when the store opened and signed up for the evening crop. So we were there from ten a.m. to nine p.m. and only paid fifteen dollars for the crop. It was quite the good deal. And this Friday, I am going to a crop that is organized from a group on So I am doing well of expanding my circle.

As far as my scrapping space is concerned, I was able to move things, rearrange them, and reorganize some of my smaller supplies. It was a very productive time. And since her things will not be taking up so much space, my husband and I were able to relocate some boxes. We have several boxes in all different sizes for his store on Ebay and my future store on Etsy. So everything relating to my husband and I’s side work is in one central location. I am so grateful that our home has an entire built in desk with shelves up to the top of the closet. It is extremely convenient and I am able to have my twins play in our bedroom while I’m still able to scrapbook. I am so excited to have more room for my supplies!

Oh! And I forgot to mention, my order from came in today. I got my croppin cutie, which is a little trash can for crops. I also got eyelets, gromlets, and snaps from We R Memory Keepers. Also, I got some more Bazzill Basics paper (which you can NEVER have too much of), an adorable package of windows and doors for scrapbook pages and cards, and finally a board book in a box that was free. I can’t wait to use my supplies tomorrow.

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