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Loot from Archiver's
Loot from Archiver's

I stayed up too late last night, well after midnight. I was planning on getting up at eight so I could be at my Archiver’s early enough to get my free paper pack. The first fifty people of the day got a free paper pack that they were touting as a 12.99 value.
When I got there, it was 8:55 and there was a very long line. Two other ladies pulled into the parking lot at the same time as I did. I lunged out of the car and about ran to the line. One of the other ladies was just a tad in front of me so I had to stay behind her. Edging her out to get one more person ahead wouldn’t have been a good start to the morning.
So when we walked in, there were two other women behind me and we all got the tickets for the free paper pack. One more woman walked in shortly after all of us and she got the last ticket for her free pack. So two or three minutes later and I would have gone through the rushing for nothing. If that had happened, I would have really been sad that I didn’t get to sleep in another half hour!
So anyways, the make and takes were decent. The demonstrators didn’t seem to have any actual crafting knowledge which was frustrating. So one of the make and takes, the page, didn’t come out like it should have. But it was free, and it did still look decent, just not what I was expecting.
But I did get a lot of awesome stuff. Their Tombow adhesive was buy one get one free, so I got the runner and the adhesive refill. I’ve never had a Tombow. I hope I like it. I also got some really cool stamps. They were the stamps used in the make and take card. They are just so adorable, and an inch size so they are great for a little addition to a card or a page. And then of course, they had some adorable Hot Spot Items that I just couldn’t pass up!
I love going there to inspire me. I take pictures of all their awesome pages and cards they have displayed around. And then when I am feeling the scrapper’s block coming on, I can easily check out my phone and be inspired with projects that I know are quick and easy.

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