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Fall Pail and Place Cards
So, to start off, I’m so insanely happy. Yesterday, I found out that I received two free passes to go see the Time Traveler’s Wife, starring Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana. I got them for signing up for a crop. So the crop basically paid for itself, since my husband and I were definitely going to see the movie. I’m blessed enough to have an awesome husband that loves romance movies just as much as he likes action movies. He’s not one for horror films, but only because they use techniques to make you jump rather than actually making you scared nowadays. But anywho, we get to go to a sneak preview so I’m delighted!
Today I used my supplies to alter a pail I had bought at Target for a dollar. I had already altered one and use it as a candle holder on my mantel. I used by crop-a-dile Big Bite and it cut through the tin like butter! I had resisted getting the original crop-a-dile since it only cut one inch in, but with the big bite, I have so many options! Not to mention that I got the pink one (my favorite color) from Wal-Mart for $25 on clearance.
So this pail I decorated in fall colors, added some fall motif stamps using my Staz-on, colored them in using my Galaxy Markers, and I also made some place cards, using the same Thanksgiving motif. My plan is to open a store on Etsy, and sell the pail and place cards as a set. Since I used the crop-a-dile, there are holes in it, so it can’t be used as a flower holder, at least not for fresh flowers. However, some nice apples, some pine cones and leaves, or a nice dark colored candle would make it look amazing!

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