Four Days staying Home

I went to work on Monday. Since then, I haven’t been able to go. Going back to work is not my idea of staying sane. I don’t know who else struggles getting themselves the mental courage to face another day of work. I guess that’s the bipolar in me. It’s been a bad week for my depression. Thankfully last night, my husband got me to get out of the house, to take the twins to the park. Getting out of the house, with the fresh air really helped clear the fog. That however, did not get me to go to work today though.
I’m taking Seroquel, which really helps with the anxiety, but boy is it tough on getting up at a reasonable time. Is anyone else taking that medicine? It’s a heavy med, and my body has to get about nine to ten hours for me to function the next day. I’m not a fan, but then again, I haven’t taken a Klonopin (spelled wrong I’m sure) in about two weeks. So that is definitely the upside. Then again, it would help getting out of this funk.
It’s been chilly this entire week also. Well, chillier than it was the week before the last, when it was in the nineties every day. It’s been in the sixties and the seventies. And I look forward to the dry, hot weather again. The boys haven’t played in the pool for a week now. And last night was the first time in two days they even went outside. I want to take them somewhere today but considering it’s two in the afternoon, going anywhere is not going to happen. Not unless I want to be one of those parents that bring their over tired children out when they should be putting them down for a nap. So I’ll just have to think of somewhere extra fun to take them once they wake up from recharging their batteries.
But now that I’ve put them down for the nap, I can focus on my creative avenues. I’ll be writing my dream that I had last night/ this morning. It was a crazy dream, and lasted a good hour and a half. I could have swore it was a movie that I had once seen, since there were actual actors in my dream, but when I explained the dream to my husband, he had never heard of a movie like it.
Oh! And in a completely random point, there is an option on Facebook to transfer the language from English to Pirate. It is so awesome. I absolutely love it and I will be keeping it. It makes me giggle every time I log in.

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