Card Making

Cardmaking in the Summer

As I sit here, my oldest son is crying and begging to slam the keys on the keyboard.  He’s insanely hungry but he didn’t eat his dinner.  We gave the boys ravioli but they didn’t want any, and now he wants anything except for the raviolis.  The boys won’t eat anything that contains red sauce.  My youngest on the other hand could probably go two days without eating food.  So he’s content to run around in circles around a puzzle he put on the floor.  My husband and I have to force our youngest to eat, or else he’d starve.  So this is how the evening has been going, as I write my first blog entry.
Today, as the boys napped, my time was slightly more productive.  But only slightly.  I created one card.  Just one.  It’s a clear acetate card.  I feel at a loss as to what to put, if anything on the inside.  And this loss comes from the fact that I don’t know what type of card to make.
This is a hard time for me as a card maker.  Fourth of July has passed, and it’s too late for summer.  But yet, I don’t want to think about fall ideas yet.  And don’t even get me thinking about Christmas cards!  The weather is cooler this week in Denver but nowhere near cool enough to hint at autumn.  And I like that.  This is one of the first summers where I’ve enjoyed the warm weather, welcoming hot days without a cloud in the sky.  That is to do with my boys mostly, because they get to spend their days playing in the little pool in the backyard.  I love watching my oldest son corner his brother against the fence and spray him with the mister setting on the hose.  I should mention that my boys are two and a half year old twin boys, identical in looks and mischief creation.
So I’m struggling to decide what to make on cards.  I’ve contemplated selling cards on Etsy, as so many EXTREMELY talented persons have done.  At this point, I just want to get them sold so I can make more room for more cards.  I’d also like to do invitations but those are personal and hard for me to envision making in quantity to sell.
So this leaves me with scrapbooking pages for my boys’ album.  I’m through month eight of their first year.  And I like to save pages to do at crops.  So I’m at my summer point of desire to lounge and I don’t like it!
On the plus side however, I have written two more pages in my journal.  I started a story from a dream, as most of my stories begin.  It’s quite inspiring knowing that I didn’t need to dream first for the words to begin.  Now if card ideas can just start flowing, it will be a great time again!

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